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Speaking Books

                                                                         Nigerian Speaking Books For Kids

This book will help your child to learn and speak your native language.  It is programmed with easy to learn words (In Igbo and Yoruba Language).
To listen, the child will press the button that corresponds with each page.

Speaking Cards

 Advert and Promotional Audio Cards

  Coporate companies can cut through the       marketing cluster by using our products for          marketing and as promotional materials.

  We help brands push those critical response        and recall buttons - areas where traditional      advertising methodologies struggle


 Islamic Audio Prayer Greeting Cards

Our cards are also ideal as gift and religion   promotional materials.These Islamic  greeting cards are programmed with audio Quranic prayers that starts to play once the card is opened.They are Ideal for Ramadan and Eid celebrations.

Exquisite Wedding Invitation Cards

  Invite your guests with your own voice or         specific audio content, in ANY language.

  We can also create custom party   invitations,and personalized announceme      nts,with your recorded voice using voice        chip  and sound module technology.

Talking Salesman

                                                                                                                             Talking Salesman

The Talking Salesman works with motion sensors, and will play a custom audio content or jingle when a person walks by. It can be placed on any shelf or retail display stand in supermarkets, shops and malls. It is the perfect marketing tool for companies that produce fast moving consumer goods.


                                                                                                                             Video Brochures

 Our video brochures can be completely customized to our clients requirements.We usually start by considering how your brand works and understanding the campaign objectives.We will ensure that your video is portrayed in moving pictures and emphasizes all your key messages. 

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