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About Us

Vocal Circuits Limited is a digital technology company specializing in the production of Self-Playing Media devices. Speaking Cards is our flagship product. We create marketing materials,custom wedding and party invitations, announcements, programmed with your specific audio content using voice chip and sound module technology.



Located in Lagos, Nigeria, Speaking Cards was born through countless hours of experimenting and refining musical sound module technology. We have perfected an easy way to program your speaking voice, favorite song or poem into a tiny electronic device that fits discreetly into a card. Our sound modules add an element of fun and surprise to invitations, announcements, marketing brochures and packaging.















We treat each and every customer like royalty. After all, your marketing campaigns, wedding day, birthday party card should be as special and unique as you are! What better way to greet those you love than with your own voice? Our custom department would be delighted to help you realize your vision with close, personal attention. We are eager to build a relationship as you celebrate milestones and special occasions throughout your life.




The Marverick Team

                Tunde  Ademuyiwa



'Tunde is a Systems Engineering graduate from the prestigious University of Lagos.


He first cut his teeth into the business world at the age of 13, when he had to work with the family business. 

He is a marketing, design, and mobile content expert. He also has tremendous experience in Engineering, Business Development, Supply Chain and Customer Relationship Management. 


         Manoj Embrandiri (PhD)

Director, Research & Development


Manoj is a Nigerian born Indian who holds a PhD in electrical electronics.


From the age of 9, he had already started fiddling around with electronic gadgets.


His area of expertise includes electronic and control circuit design, renewable energy systems, microcontroller and microprocessor programming and recently dabbled into the automotive industry.


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